Small Banks Being Eaten Up By Dodd-Frank – Nice Going, Occupy (Idiots)

Reading an article over at the National Review how small banks are taking a hit, particularly since the introduction of Dodd-Frank.

Speaking from experience being up in Canada, small banks and local lending decisions are crucial to helping small businesses do their part to boost the economy.  Big bank conglomeration reduces or eliminates the lending options which small banks typically make available to local businesses.

From the article:

Since the second quarter of 2010—immediately before the July passage of Dodd-Frank—to the third quarter of 2013, the United States lost 650, or 9.5 percent, of its small banks. Small banks’ share of US banking assets and domestic deposits has decreased 18.6 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively, and the five largest US banks appear to have absorbed much of this market share. Mounting regulatory costs threaten to accelerate the shift towards big banks and away from small banks that have long been important members of the financial industry and the local communities they serve.”

So how/why do I attribute this to Occupy?  Because again, it shows how 1) hypocritical and 2) clueless they are.  This is the kind of garbage that through their ignorant voting they helped cause and through their (mindless, violent) actions, did nothing to prevent.

They should have been protesting legislature, not small businesses.

“A Job Painting Murals” And Other Occuloser Fantasies

Reading the article in Rolling Stone that Megyn Kelly was talking about.  I thought she might be cherry-picking.  Nope.

From the article:

But let’s think even bigger. Because as much as unemployment blows, so do jobs. What if people didn’t have to work to survive? Enter the jaw-droppingly simple idea of a universal basic income, in which the government would just add a sum sufficient for subsistence to everyone’s bank account every month. A proposal along these lines has been gaining traction in Switzerland, and it’s starting to get a lot of attention here, too.

If Jessie A. Myerson is the sort of pot-headed idiot we’re leaving the country to in the next generation, then I would weep for the future except for one thing – that I know these idiots, even if they got all they wanted, would eventually hand all their land, wealth, and toys back to us “evil capalists” one way or another.

And why?  Because we’re smarter, we’re faster, and we think ahead.  Capitalists are the chessmasters, driven by things like math, strategy, tactics, and innovation, while these Occulosers are the pawns – driven by nothing but a hunger for Doritos and a sense of being “wronged.”  That’s not enough to compete or live in today’s world, and their utopian fantasies of mural painting, “free” jobs for everybody, and all that bunk will all remain in a world we’ll get nowhere close to, especially with idiots like Myserson at the helm.

Walker’s Victory In Wisconsin – Democracy Prevails Again

Just watched a video about a guy crying that Walker’s win (i.e. him not being recalled) is somehow “the end of democracy.”

The END of democracy?  I would think this was an example of it.  People voted and the guy with the most votes won.

Of course we’re hearing the usual – the election was rigged, Walker outspent his opponent 10:1, blah blah whine whine.  I don’t care if a campaign outspends 100:1.  People have a brain, and can think for themselves.  If they don’t want to and instead want to base their opinions strictly on the ads they see, then they got what they deserved.

I find this interesting as well: when Democrats won we got the Tea Party.  When Republicans won, we got Occupy.  One has organized around a clear message and agenda, and has gotten candidates elected.  The other… well, they’ve smashed $hit, cried, and smashed $hit some more.

and more crying

Walker’s Wisconsin is getting it’s financial house in order.  Regardless of the doom and gloom people might say his stay will mean 10 years down the road, the fact is he’s getting results NOW and the Democrats, Unionistas, and the Occupiers are not.  Regardless of one’s politics, I think there’s a few lessons they all can learn here.

Occupy – They’re Losers Because Their Attitude Sucks

A great post by Pino over at He shows an Occupy page where its leaders are asking for help to clean up. Guess what the Occupussies do? They pull backaches and every excuse not to show up and help. Not surprised – they obviously feel that work is “below them”.

As another example, Sean Hannity had an Occupy leader on his show a few days ago. He challenged the guy to wake up early, throw down some coffee, and spend as much time as he does protesting on going out and finding a job. The guy’s response? “Give me a job and I’ll work.” Yes, he said GIVE ME A JOB. “I’ve been trying to get a job,” he says, “I’ve been online sending out resumes for days.” Haha! Sweat pouring off your brow, no doubt.

(Hannity also said he had the kid on his radio show where he was actually offered a job but wouldn’t take it, however I can’t locate the clip…)

That’s the attitude of the Occupy whiner mob in general. Because they breathe, because they feel frustrated – because life isn’t easy and is perhaps getting harder they feel more compelled (and justified) to take than to give.

Success starts with the right attitude. Yes, it’s cliche, but it’s true and has been proven true time and time again. Bottom line is Occupidiots’ attitudes are not those attitude of successful people, and I don’t mean successful peoples’ attitudes after they’ve won or achieved something – I mean their attitude when they set out to.

Occupiers are ignorant to words “choice”, “initiative”, and “resourcefulness”. They hate all three words because they’re tied to two other words – “work”, and “responsibility” – and because of that, their movement was doomed from the start.

Good riddance indeed.

May Day Occupy Protests – “Stay Classy, San Diego”

So far so good? It seems like the OWS protestors have kept things lawful up to this point, stifling the anarchists within their ranks, and it remains my hope that the SANE “Occupy” folk become a legitimate political and economic movement to compete with the Tea Party. Nothing against the Tea Party, I just believe in the benefits of good competition.

Today is Occupy’s second chance to win favor with the American public. Should they screw today’s protests up, and once again resort to the violence and thuggery that has defined them in the past and leave every public space they’re in covered in waste, they will have lost it forever. From there I will be happy to return to calling them all the derogatory names they’ve deserved in the past, such as “Twinkly-Fingered Ass-Clowns” or “Occupussies”.

Planned Occupy Protest at Congress Fizzles


Occupussies. They make me laugh.

Said one protester (of the two?) “We need to stay focused on our message of shortening the gap between the rich and the poor.”
Ok. Did that “message” include a plan, per chance?
Didn’t think so, so shiver away, losers.

Let’s All Get Out There And Support “Hot Dog” and “Ketchup” with OWS – NOT!

And people wonder why I can’t get behind this movement? Look at this ridiculousness. Twinkle fingers? Seriously?!?!?!?!

I know Colbert’s playing both side of the issue, but my hat’s off to him in this case for making something that’s already much of a joke even funnier. Check it out…

Part 1:—occupy-wall-street-co-optportunity—stephen-on-location

Part 2:—stephen-colbert-occupies-occupy-wall-street-pt–2