How Ideology Comes Before Truth in Media, And We Don’t Care

David Frum wrote an excellent article today on his blog regarding Huffington Post reporter Dan Froomkin and his piece on Paul Craig Roberts. Froomkin was very quick to point out that Roberts is “profoundly alienated from the modern GOP, particularly when it comes to civil liberties — and wars.”

What Froomkin neglects to say, however, and it turns out that he and his editor(s?) never bothered to check, was the fact that Roberts has been exposed as a bigot, a 9/11 Truther, and an anti-Semite. Was any of that important? Nah. All that was important was a headline that said “A Reagan Republican Makes a Case Against War – and His Party”

This situation is an example of yet another glaring and sad truth that Frum points out in his article: that a media organization can make a lot more money by putting ideology ahead of truth. Enter Fox, enter Breitbart, enter HuffPo, enter MSNBC, or, in my opinion, any so-called “news” organization that we have today.

Frum continues: “Everyone can see that a media enterprise gets more clicks and better ratings from confirming preconceived opinions than from challenging them. And the consequences of a horrible mistake? Very low. It didn’t hurt Andrew Breitbart to circulate a deceptively edited tape of Shirley Sherrod. And I doubt it will matter very much that Dan Froomkin celebrated a 9/11 denialist as a lonely heroic defender of civil liberties.”

Why won’t it matter? Because we, the people, simply don’t care. Let apathy rein.

Bill Maher Says The NFL Is Successful Because of Socialism

Although I don’t agree with many of his political views, I often watch Bill Maher on his show “Real Time” on HBO. Often funny, I also enjoy the input from his panels.

One thing I particularly like is his “New Rules”. Last week he compared the NFL to MLB, saying that the NFL was successful due to socialism, and the MLB largely unsuccessful due to capitalism. He’s got an interesting take on it, which can be seen below and read here at the Huffington Post.

Greg Halvorson over at Canada Free Press disagrees with Maher. His post is here.

Who’s right? I think Halvroson gets a little too defensive over Maher’s Op-Ed, but he does make some good points that Liberals often miss about the market such as that it includes (and in fact relies on) individual choice.

Overall, however, I think Maher hits things more on the head, and points out the ignorance of people on both sides. Even capitalism “re-distributes wealth”, and even if Maher misses (skips over) the point that the NFL equally splitting the TV revenue pot or offering the winning team the last draft pick is a choice that is voluntary and not forced, he makes the point that forcing an equal split can often not be as harmful as those on the right may fear. Let’s be realistic in the fact that unless some of our charity was forced charity via taxation, many social programs would not exist at all, and there would be poor kids who would not receive the same opportunity to go to a good school that the rich kids receive.

To All The Anti-War, Anti-Corporate, Anti-Slave Labor Hypocrites…

If you’re really as against these things as you say you are, get rid of:
1) All of your clothes manufactured in third world countries.
2) All of your Apple gadgets: Macs, iPods, iPads
3) All of your 401k’s, stocks, and mutual funds which contain any company that utilizes third-world manufacturing operations.
4) Your jobs that also likely use products or resources from “exploited” third-world countries.

Otherwise, quit talking about what people should be doing, and show me what it is exactly that you actually are doing. Then you can start to try and judge people from some supposed moral highground.

Could Arrogance Alone Be Reason Enough for Someone To Be Jailed? For Dick Fuld, I Hope So

Dick Fuld. To some, he may be the personification of Wall Street. To others, an example of free reign capitalism. To the Huffington Post, he’s the “face of the financial crisis”. To me, he’s just a Dick.

This guy is the worst of the worst (at least, I certainly hope he’s the worst!), and I really hope they throw the book at him. Rumor has it authorities won’t have to look to far to find illegal wrongdoings that I’m sure will have his fingerprints on.

I’m never one to say that someone should be made an example of, but in this case, I think it’s more than appropriate. It’s too bad he’s too arrogant to be humiliated, because a public tar and feathering would be appropriate, too.

But to those who believe he’s the face of capitalism, consider this: Fuld was “upset” that the government didn’t bail him out. He not only wanted a bailout, he expected one. That’s not a capitalist – that’s a corporatist. Big difference. Fuld is the epitome of arrogance, greed, and narcissism. He is the guy that makes capitalists look bad.

Although I’m not holding my breath here, I do hope justice will be served and that there will remain enough light on this snake to keep a big, huge, red target on his forehead for both days and years to come.