Just What We Need – More “Safe Rooms” For Whiny Liberal Snobs

Fancypants College In Cleveland Offers SAFE SPACE For Students Traumatized By Republican Convention

Yet another reason why “Fair Share” Liberals are always going to be at the end of life’s trough. They can’t even handle a Republican Convention going on (that they’re not even attending) without needing cookies, puppies, and cuddles to calm them down?  Pathetic.  And yes, losers, I did just send a “micro-aggression” your way (hopefully more than that, a major one – offending you is pleasure.)

An Open Letter to All Libtards Re: The Dallas Shooting

Hey Libtards,

I’d like to remind you that the five cops killed in Dallas two nights ago had nothing to do with the shootings in Louisiana or Minnesota (which are still undecided in a court of law, by the way).

On top of that, I’d also like to remind you that these police officers were killed by a racist, lawless, prejudist, stereotyping, murderer with zero care or concern for innocent life, too, and that these are more than just accusations against the accused – they are all proven facts.

They are proven facts, and yet here you are – all you “Fair Share” Liberals – with all your phony posturing, fake outrage, and “I hope this gets me hits on Facebook”-grandstanding at the ready to protest FOR all of the things that you just tried to say you’re supposedly against – prejudism, stereotyping, racism, lawlessness, violence, and murder.

It defies common decency and common sense: a prejudist, stereotyping, racist, lawless, violent, murderer-coward fires on innocent people for purely racist reasons, and here you are immediately rushing to empathize and defend him?  Someone who without any doubt has been proven to represent everything you all PRETEND to hate and be against, and not only that you try and vilify someone who has actually called him out as a murdering racist?  That’s sure telling, to say the least.

What is also telling is that at the same time there is not one single comment from you condemning this racist’s horrible act, nor is there a single comment any sort of sadness or sympathy for the ACTUAL victims of this incident – either the cops or the cops’ families themselves.

I find it fascinating that for all your bullshit about speaking up, protecting the innocent, and supporting the victims, here we have not only five innocent cops who have lost their lives protecting innocent civilians, but they have also lost their lives at the hands of a racist murderer – and these two things are what you all choose to stay silent on.

Mind you, it’s kind of like how you stay silent on so many deported illegal immigrants who rape little children, too, but perhaps that’s a different thing to you?  Or is this the same sort of twisted hypocrisy and cowardice from you all yet again?

Either way, I’m curious as to the real truth behind your silence on this one, Libtards.  Are no cops innocent in your mind therefore “they got what they had coming to them”?  Is that the quiet self-talk that you have going on in your head that you’re too gutless to admit openly?

It sure seems to be, and not only is it hypocritical in its own right (with all your self-righteous “judgment” of others), it’s totally disgusting and pathetic as well – especially when cops are the first people you little whiny wussbags want to call the moment someone “violates” your precious sensitivities with a micro-aggression.

So please, Libtards, since you’re so consistent, so right, and so in-tune with what both is and should be right in the world, keep preaching about your superior morality and your superior principles to the rest of us even though you’re so quick to abandon them from the first bullet that gets fired from a racist killer, and support and defend him after-the-fact.

And please keep telling us online and on TV – over and over – what you all PRETEND to care about – just so you can feel good about yourself and feel like your pathetic lives are actually worth something.

And lastly, the next time you’re about to dial the cops – showing us one more time how hypocritical, pathetic, and morally bankrupt you are yet again –  please hang up.  Let your home get invaded, your house get robbed, or your ass get kicked – whichever.  Not only will you be doing the world a favor, you’ll have deserved it, too.

Sleep well.


Call The Dallas Shooters What They Are – RACISTS

Think the pc-loving, “Fair Share” Liberals are going to call the black thugs who killed 5 cops and wounded 6 others in Dallas what they are – racists?  I doubt it, but that’s exactly what they are.

And ThugLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter protesters?  I’ll call them what they are, too: ASSCLOWNS.  Enter exhibit #1,000,001 in the case of “Why BLM Lovers and Cop-Haters Will Stay At The Bottom Of Society FOREVER”:

Video of BLM-Supporters Dancing and Taunting Cops

And while we’re at it, here’s a picture of the cowardly, racist, assclown thug that lost his life in the stand-off:


Good riddance, dipshit.  You dishonor everyone in your community and you’re already forgotten.






How Nice For “Fair Share” Liberals to Play “Righteous” When They Don’t Have to Deal With The Consequences

“Fair Share” Liberal losers are the first to cry out and demand that the free world should be letting in Syrian refugees in droves.  Although they PRETEND to care for refugees, and want to ACT like they’re doing the “right thing”, what they’re doing – yet again – is simply trying to appease their moral guilt by selfishly placing their burden of that guilt on someone else.

For instance, they pressured and applauded Germany for its acceptance of so many refugees, yet cared zero and turned a blind eye to all the misogyny, violence, and rape that came with it.  Because “fair share” liberals are such cowards for one, and so low on the social and economic totem pole for another, they’re never the ones around to ever have to deal with the consequences, so they can ask for and demand things from other people all they want, can’t they?

Take things here in my home country of Canada where it concerns Syrian “Refugees”.  Our “Fair Share” Loser and utterly clueless Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, seems to have no care or concern what mindset we’re actually bringing into our country, nor the potential criminal element, and nor the burden that these third-world dwellers place on anyone actually native, law-abiding, tax-paying, and patriotic to our country.

I submit to you an article from Yahoo Canada: “Sudden Influx of Syrian Refugees Has Brunswick Educators Seeking Help”.

“The documents repeatedly cite issues of tardiness and absenteeism among the 29 Syrian students at FHS and cultural confusion about gender roles. Some teachers complained about students refusing to speak English and using “peer pressure” to deter others who were trying.”

Unwillingness to follow the rules, thuggery, and intimidation.  And “cultural confusion about gender roles”?  Nice liberal spin.  Basically the boys are treating the girls like shit.

“In another email, a teacher described an incident in class where a student was asked by some of the Syrian students to repeat a line in Arabic. When he did, it prompted snickering and laughing from the Arabic-speaking students. The teacher said another student told her that the line included foul language directed at a student from Israel.”

And anti-semitism as well.  Nice.

“…the problems occurred because the district didn’t know how many immigrant students from Syria would be arriving or which schools would be affected.”

And why did this happen?  One reason: F#ckhead Liberal Dipshits and their feelings, that’s why.  Who cares about the cultural consequences, or the safety consequences, or the financial consequences, or the logistical consequences, so long as their narcissism is fed and fed well, right?

If “Fair Share” Liberals want these refugees so bad they should be bringing them into their own houses and both paying for them and feeding them themselves.

Loser-Whiners of MLM and other “Scams”

It’s interesting to read all these boo-hoo-idiot-sore-losers’s sob stories out there on how they got “swindled” out of their (supposedly) hard-earned money through certain MLM’s, Trump University, or even the ride-sharing company Uber, which they call a “scam” (or pyramid scheme, or whatever).

Don’t get me wrong -there are definitely ponzi schemes and scam artists out there which not only deserve shaming but also prison time, but when a person’s loser story starts with, “They promised that if I spent $500 I could be rich in three years” or “They made me buy $500/mo of supplements that were no better than what I could get for $50 in vitamins at the local CVS”, or “I spent $34,000 being told I’d make millions through Trump University” you know you’re dealing with nothing but a loser.

For example, I recently read a post over on a liberal blog that was lamenting how Uber was “ripping off” its drivers.  The title was, “Uber in the US – Predatory (the usual) Capitalism” and the opening words were, “Well here we go, another lesson on how exploiting the poor is the goto plan for making the big bucks in our society.”

The story was about some guy named Roger “who had heard about a vehicle financing program Uber was promoting to drivers who, like him, had a poor credit history. Roger, who asked to use only his first name for business reasons, signed a lease in September with an Uber-referred lender for a brand new Chrysler minivan.

Now less than a year later, Roger says he is on the brink of bankruptcy while facing weekly payments of $450 for his car lease plus late fees.”

Oooh!  Evil Capitalism and Uber – twisting their mustaches and laughing a deep, Satantic laugh as the oh-so-poor, exploited, and downtrodden once again carry the unbearable burden of Capitalism on their backs.

The car dealer was predatory – agreed.  But who the eff is this idiot Roger?  A $450/week lease payment for a minivan?  Give your head a shake.  Did the words, “So show me exactly what I’d be paying each month” ever come from this guy’s mouth when he was in the dealership?  And where was this dealership, exactly?  Opposite some Denny’s in the slums?

And then I get this comment from a blogger: “Just waiting for Vern to show up and say it’s the drivers’ fault for making bad economic decisions.  Because you know, they have all the information they need to make a good decision and it’s just their unwillingness to think or to work hard or something, that makes them go for this kind of thing.”

Hmmm… let’s take an honest look at this, shall we?  Driver’s fault for making bad economic decisions?  Check.  Roger knew what he could afford, didn’t he?  And he knew that the contract was a legally-binding document, didn’t he?  Check and check – of course he did.

Roger’s unwillingness to think?  Check.  Even if he couldn’t understand what he was signing, a mere $17/mo would have enabled him to have his contract reviewed by qualified attorney.   (47 million results, by the way, for a Google search on “Have your contract reviewed by a qualified attorney” along with 5 top listings saying you’ll save 90% on legal fees.  Cheaper than $450, I bet, too.)

Roger’s unwillingness to work hard?  Here I’d actually vote in Roger’s favor – he was trying to go out there on his own and make money with Uber, which shows his personal initiative and guts as earning a living with Uber is a lot of work.  But what many liberals don’t understand is that hard work – romantic as the concept may be – isn’t enough to take the place of ignorant or stupid when it comes to improving one’s financial situation – especially in this day and age.

And yes – the dealership should be charged, fined, shut-down, or all three.  But Roger getting a there-there now, poor baby coddling and being allowed to act like the unsuspecting victim here?  Give me a break.  Only in a loser-liberal’s way of thinking and on that basis he deserved to get screwed.

It’s the same as I see with people vs. MLM’s.  I don’t sell MLM’s, I think their advocates and leaders are total cheeseballs, I hate all the cliche’s and the pushiness of their people (“ground floor opportunity!” “About to EXPLODE!”) but I do buy some of their nutritionals because I do believe they have less filler than most store-bought nutritionals.

Here’s the thing, though: I know at least five people in MLM’s who have totally turned around their financial situations and now enjoy a tremendous quality of life with their families earning a minimum of a six figure income and some with even multi-million dollar incomes.  A former hairdresser single mom is one of them.  A fresh-off-the-boat immigrant is another.  A divorced, living-in-his-mother’s-basement 45yr old man is a third.  These are the types of people that anyone would enjoy the company of – they’re pleasant, smart, happy, curious people who are anything but the stereotypical pushy MLM kool-aid drinker’s you’d expect.  And what did it cost them out of pocket to be earning six figures a year part-time, or literally over a million?  Each about $50 down, $100/mo for about 2-3 years.

Were they lucky?  Hardly.  None of the successes in MLM that I know had any advantage over anyone else – looks, smarts, education, financial backing – anything.  The only difference – as I’ve pointed out to “fair share” liberals many times – was their mindset that nobody was going to save them, their resolve, and the belief that if it was something they believed in, then they would persevere.

And yet look at all the whiny, loser, idiots that you see complaining about MLM’s everywhere, trying to absolve themselves of responsibility or trying to make it other peoples’ faults when they lose.  (Blubbering…) “They made me pay for a website”, or (tears) “they made me buy an inventory”, or (sniff, sniff…) “made me call all of my friends.”  Awww, muffin.

“They made me pay for a website”.  First of all, nobody made you pay for anything but OK, genius, let’s play this through.  Go to a legitimate web designer and tell them that you want a 10 page dynamic site with a merchant account and full e-commerce back end and see what that will cost you.  No, not the Godaddy $100 special plus Shopify plug-in, but a legitimate custom e-commerce website to manage your business.  It’  s going to be much more than your $50 sign-up fee, I promise you.

Then call FedEx or UPS and see what your low-volume rate shipping costs are going to be to send something across the country, or better yet internationally.  Then add in your time for shipping and handling.  Are we over and above the $50 you’re bitching about yet?  Yes we are.

And the $100/mo autoship you’re whining about.  AT LEAST YOU GET SOMETHING TO CONSUME FOR IT.  The monthly costs of my SAAS services alone (accounting, CRM, hosting fees, etc.) are over $150/mo.  And how about getting a quality 4-color brochure designed and printed for your business?  Figured out the costs of that yet?

And now let’s look at the facts: as long as you are with a legally-compliant, reputable company with strong management, the fact is that you have EVERYTHING that any one of the company’s successes had to begin with.  They had the same website, the same back office, the same products, the same education tools, the same promotional materials, the same $100/mo qualification for commissions requirement as you did.  But guess what else they had?  They had the proper business mindset, the proper work ethic, and the proper resolve – everything that a loser-liberal hates or doesn’t believe in (hence their love of lazy-assed unions).

Loser-liberals can’t believe for a moment that thinking or believing could actually be the difference, because for one they’re oh-so-much-smarter than anyone else (surely, smarter than a Capitalist!) and for another, that would actually mean being the one to blame for their own mediocrity and sorry lot in life, but the fact is mindset is where EVERY loser-liberal differs from anyone successful, and that’s why loser-liberals always fail at everything that they do.

And yes, most of the “victims” of these MLM’s – unless they are mentally handicapped – ARE LOSERS!  Even look at this dipshit, Abe Hussein, who was featured on ABC for being supposedly “duped” by one of the biggest scammers of them all – Kevin Trudeau.  Yes – Trudeau is a true SCAM ARTIST now rightfully in jail, but have you taken a close look at this Abe guyTOTAL ASSCLOWN.  (Thanks to Bernie at GINTruth.com).

Now, do I mean people who have tried and lost in business (including MLMs) are losers?  Absolutely not.  I tried and failed at 3 “bricks and mortar” businesses myself before I finally found success.  Others have tried more and lost more before they found success, and found success even greater than mine or many others combined.  Some of us had a loser mindset in the beginning – I know I certainly did – but the point is, I never risked more than I could afford and that means not only financially, but emotionally as well.  This is the part that people who want an “out” by calling legal businesses a “scam” always miss – you never had the right thinking or emotions to be in business in the first place, and that’s where your decision-making should have started.

And this leads me to Trump University.  I’ve gone through much of the materials, including the “Trump Playbook” and articles like this one which show that it was pretty bad and that people were certainly fleeced, which I am not in the slightest way for.  But when I listen to losers whining about it, it’s almost tempting to take Trump’s side for a moment.

My questions are these:

  1. Why – before spending $60,000 on a Trump course as some lady had – would you not try and vet the information you were receiving or a program with either a lawyer, or a real estate professional?
  2. Why – before spending $1495, would you ever hang on the hope that you were going to be “working with” or even meeting Donald Trump, even if his lackies were claiming that you would be?
  3. Who put the gun to your head to sign up for the paid session after the free seminar?

These people got starstruck.  They thought they were going to get rich quick, or if not quick, at least easy.  They also thought that the more they paid, the less work they would have to do in order to get rich, and at the very least they thought they’d get the chance to stand beside some celebrity.  I never met any one of the complainants, but how do I know this?  Because their complaining sounds the same as anyone who wanted to be in business but shouldn’t be, trying to do the exact same thing whether it was through an MLM, stock trading, online ads, “bricks and mortar” businesses, or anything else.

Did Trump prey on these people?  Of course he did.  After all, he “loves uneducated people”, but I hardly let the complainants off the hook here.  Again, unless they are mentally handicapped, they let their emotions get the better of them and dull their common sense, and led themselves into a business that they never had the financial OR emotional fortitude to be in in the first place.  Their own greed took them there, and deep down – if they’re truly honest with themselves – they fucking knew better.  They also know now that whatever they lost is almost entirely their own fault for getting so starstruck in the first place – same as those who get “duped” by MLMs.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting greater financial independence or to get rich, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to get there as fast as possible.  The greater question one has to be asked, however, is why – because this is where the difference lies that makes all the difference.

If your answer to “Why I want to be my own boss” is “Because I believe I’m better as a leader than a follower, and can achieve greater results through others” then you’ll probably do well.  If your answer is, “Because I hated my old boss”, or “I don’t like people telling me what to do”, then you’re going to fail – guaranteed – because guess what?  In business you always have someone telling you what to do.  Even as CEO, you have a board of directors.  Even as a boss you always have customers who you’d better listen to or you’re going to fail.  No matter what your position you are never fully “in charge”.

And why do you want to get rich quickly?  If the honest answer is “I don’t like hard work” vs. “Because I have serious bills to pay”, then you’re going to fail – guaranteed.

This isn’t just with MLMs or Real Estate get-rich-quick programs, either.  There’s successful “bricks-and-mortar” business people who made a lot of money but it was luck.  They soon saw their businesses fail because they had the same beliefs and attitudes as losers.

So before you get into ANY business – and certainly before you start whining about why you “failed” in one – get real and get honest about why you’re getting into  business in the first place (even Uber!), and be prepared to both learn and suck it up if you lose the first time (or the second, or the third).  If you’re in it for the right reasons or the right mindset, however, stick to it because you will make it.

And for all the rest – please, quit whining to me or anyone else – you’re not so special for one, and you’re not so hard done by for another so put a sock in it.




When Maine Kicks Losers Off Free Food Stamps, Look What Happens

Link to a great post by Pino over at Tarheel Red on the social contract:



In response to the growth in food stamp dependence, Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, recently established work requirements on recipients who are without dependents and able-bodied. In Maine, all able-bodied adults without dependents in the food stamp program are now required to take a job, participate in training, or perform community service.

Job openings for lower-skill workers are abundant in Maine, and for those ABAWD recipients who cannot find immediate employment, Maine offers both training and community service slots. But despite vigorous outreach efforts by the government to encourage participation, most childless adult recipients in Maine refused to participate in training or even to perform community service for six hours per week. When ABAWD recipients refused to participate, their food stamp benefits ceased.

In the first three months after Maine’s work policy went into effect, its caseload of able-bodied adults without dependents plummeted by 80 percent, falling from 13,332 recipients in Dec. 2014 to 2,678 in March 2015.

That means a bunch more money for people who ACTUALLY need it, not losers who don’t want to get training, don’t want to do community service, and don’t want to try and find a job.

Bravo, LePage.  John Oliver may not like you (and granted, you may be an outspoken doofus sometimes), but if these are the kind of decisions you make in office (and the results you get) I’d support you and your foul mouth along with it.  You got this one right.

To be American Isn’t Just About Being Born in the U.S.


  • Socialist-Wannabes
  • Black Lives Matter
  • MoveOn.org
  • The New Black Panthers
  • etc.

Trump deserves all the criticism he’s getting regarding some of his anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican rhetoric.  He could be saying things a lot better, but he takes it too far 1) because I think it’s what he believes, and 2) because it gets headlines and attention.

Rushing the stage, though?  “Professional” protesters?  Stopping free speech on campuses, or trying to shout out/drown out someone at a rally?  THAT’S too far.

And I’ll take it one step further: to me it’s purely anti-American, and if that’s the level you have to lower yourself to in order to feel significant in your pathetic little life (I’m talking to you, Sanders-loving Liberal Losers), then quite plainly you should get the f**k out of this country and go live somewhere else.

Unlike being from some other countries, being “American” isn’t just about the fact that you might be born here.  It’s also about having the same values and beliefs which are found in the two founding documents of the United States: the United States Constitution and the U.S. Declaration of Independence – two absolutely brilliant documents which have lasted for centuries and have not only been responsible for some of the greatest achievements in human history, but the most economically successful countries of all time as well.

And what values and beliefs am I speaking of?  Well if I have to tell you, then you’re kind of proving my point but just a few of them are these:

That “All men are created equal”

That we have “Certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government”

And that the people should organize government’s “…powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Then there’s also the right to Freedom of Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Assembly, all of which form not just the foundation of America, but in fact the entire essence of it.

But look at how these radical left groups operate.  They try and drown out free speech.  They want to take away our arms.  They want to remove symbols of religious faith from cemeteries and they want to shut down legal public rallies – and by wanting to end the very things which America was founded on, basically want to end America.

Harsh words?  I don’t think so.  All these groups want to do is take, and bully.  They pretend to hate the “kings” (which for now they consider to be rich white men) yet they do exactly what most kings themselves do – take, and bully.  They do not believe that all men are created equal, they do not believe that we have the right to free speech, and they believe that the Government’s role – at the federal level – is NOT to protect all men’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but rather only theirs, which they only know how to do by taking what was never theirs in the first place.

Occu-losers, Illegal Immigrants, Welfare Queens, Social Security abusers, Food Stamp abusers – and basically all the groups I mentioned above – they all fall into this category.  They all just want to take, not earn, and they all reject wholheartedly and even violently the very principles this country was built on, so they should leave – and if so, good riddance.

In the meantime, GO TRUMP.  No, I don’t think he should be President but if all these professional, paid losers want to keep disrupting his rallies and stifling free speech, then f–k them.  Just because it will really piss them off, I hope the guy becomes President.


And btw, here’s a great skewering by John Oliver: