When Maine Kicks Losers Off Free Food Stamps, Look What Happens

Link to a great post by Pino over at Tarheel Red on the social contract:



In response to the growth in food stamp dependence, Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, recently established work requirements on recipients who are without dependents and able-bodied. In Maine, all able-bodied adults without dependents in the food stamp program are now required to take a job, participate in training, or perform community service.

Job openings for lower-skill workers are abundant in Maine, and for those ABAWD recipients who cannot find immediate employment, Maine offers both training and community service slots. But despite vigorous outreach efforts by the government to encourage participation, most childless adult recipients in Maine refused to participate in training or even to perform community service for six hours per week. When ABAWD recipients refused to participate, their food stamp benefits ceased.

In the first three months after Maine’s work policy went into effect, its caseload of able-bodied adults without dependents plummeted by 80 percent, falling from 13,332 recipients in Dec. 2014 to 2,678 in March 2015.

That means a bunch more money for people who ACTUALLY need it, not losers who don’t want to get training, don’t want to do community service, and don’t want to try and find a job.

Bravo, LePage.  John Oliver may not like you (and granted, you may be an outspoken doofus sometimes), but if these are the kind of decisions you make in office (and the results you get) I’d support you and your foul mouth along with it.  You got this one right.

To be American Isn’t Just About Being Born in the U.S.


  • Socialist-Wannabes
  • Black Lives Matter
  • MoveOn.org
  • The New Black Panthers
  • etc.

Trump deserves all the criticism he’s getting regarding some of his anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican rhetoric.  He could be saying things a lot better, but he takes it too far 1) because I think it’s what he believes, and 2) because it gets headlines and attention.

Rushing the stage, though?  “Professional” protesters?  Stopping free speech on campuses, or trying to shout out/drown out someone at a rally?  THAT’S too far.

And I’ll take it one step further: to me it’s purely anti-American, and if that’s the level you have to lower yourself to in order to feel significant in your pathetic little life (I’m talking to you, Sanders-loving Liberal Losers), then quite plainly you should get the f**k out of this country and go live somewhere else.

Unlike being from some other countries, being “American” isn’t just about the fact that you might be born here.  It’s also about having the same values and beliefs which are found in the two founding documents of the United States: the United States Constitution and the U.S. Declaration of Independence – two absolutely brilliant documents which have lasted for centuries and have not only been responsible for some of the greatest achievements in human history, but the most economically successful countries of all time as well.

And what values and beliefs am I speaking of?  Well if I have to tell you, then you’re kind of proving my point but just a few of them are these:

That “All men are created equal”

That we have “Certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government”

And that the people should organize government’s “…powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Then there’s also the right to Freedom of Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Assembly, all of which form not just the foundation of America, but in fact the entire essence of it.

But look at how these radical left groups operate.  They try and drown out free speech.  They want to take away our arms.  They want to remove symbols of religious faith from cemeteries and they want to shut down legal public rallies – and by wanting to end the very things which America was founded on, basically want to end America.

Harsh words?  I don’t think so.  All these groups want to do is take, and bully.  They pretend to hate the “kings” (which for now they consider to be rich white men) yet they do exactly what most kings themselves do – take, and bully.  They do not believe that all men are created equal, they do not believe that we have the right to free speech, and they believe that the Government’s role – at the federal level – is NOT to protect all men’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but rather only theirs, which they only know how to do by taking what was never theirs in the first place.

Occu-losers, Illegal Immigrants, Welfare Queens, Social Security abusers, Food Stamp abusers – and basically all the groups I mentioned above – they all fall into this category.  They all just want to take, not earn, and they all reject wholheartedly and even violently the very principles this country was built on, so they should leave – and if so, good riddance.

In the meantime, GO TRUMP.  No, I don’t think he should be President but if all these professional, paid losers want to keep disrupting his rallies and stifling free speech, then f–k them.  Just because it will really piss them off, I hope the guy becomes President.


And btw, here’s a great skewering by John Oliver:



Illegal Immigrants ‘DEMAND’ Bill of Rights

Wow.  Just effing wow.

The Washington Times has stated that an illegal immigrant advocacy group released a Bill of Rights from the United States demanding (among other things) citizenship, health care, and in-state tuition rates (tuition that they’ll pay for with what, exactly, their illegal jobs?)

My response is an simple one:  F#CK YOU, ILLEGALS.  You shouldn’t be here in the first place and therefore, you shouldn’t and can’t demand shit.

I really wish we could just automatically shove these illegal immigrants into each and every “Fair Share” Liberal idiot’s household if they’re so much for these criminals being treated “fairly”.  (FSL’s only want other people to solve their problems, though – they never take care of their own.)

Call me racist, call me bigoted, call me whatever – I don’t care – but these people shouldn’t be getting anything while the rest of us LEGAL immigrants are paying more than our fair share, creating jobs, and still are patiently waiting in line.

The US Immigration System is indeed in need of a serious, serious overhaul, but shouldn’t be overhauled to suit the whims of these entitlement-ridden illegal border-runners who don’t have the guts to stay and fix the countries that they come from in the first place.

(and wait… are those two ‘minorities’ with a valid argument and telling criminals to go home?  Hmmm.  To an FSL, they must be brainwashed by the Evil White Patriarchy!)

Re: Latino Kids’ Foul-Mouth Rant Against Trump – I’m Sure Their Parents Are Winners

Wow – there’s no end to “fair-share liberal” idiocy or hypocrisy, is there?

A bunch of adult liberal idiots have just gone and put their own little kids in a video with them spouting profanities.  Here it is:

First of all, whether on the right or on the left, to use young kids as “Protest Pawns” and mouthpieces for your own ideology is utterly despicable.

Second, what have Trump’s actual claims been?

  1. That (too) many illegals coming into the country illegally are rapists and murderers.  Yep, yep, and yep.  Headlines Liberals love to ignore:
    1. Huffington Post – “Over 80% of Illegal Immigrants Getting Raped Across Border”
    2. CBS Local – “Parents giving children birth control in case they get raped crossing border”
    3. Breitbart – US Crime Statistics – “Illegal alien crime accounts for over 30% of murders in some states”
  2. That many illegal immigrants come over with the express intent of having “anchor babies” so that they can stay in the country themselves.  True, true, and true.
  3. That they should all be sent home, and be made to come back in legally.

#3 is a matter of policy vs. reality, and can be debated and ripped apart as such.  In theory I agree, but the reality is you’d be ripping apart families for one, and that it’s unrealistic to think this is going to happen for another, so fair play to debate that.

The other two points, however, are totally reinforced and justified.

“Fair share” Liberals, for the sake of their politics and white guilt, love to conflate the issue between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, accusing Trump, Republicans, and Conservatives of saying that all immigrants are rapists and murderers, burdens on the system, and such when that’s never been the case.  The problem is with illegals, and if you ask the parents of Kate Steinle, Blake Cohorn, and others who have suffered an unacceptable human cost for “Fair Share”, White-Guilt-Laden Liberal policies such as Sanctuary Cities, they happen to agree.

These peoples’ deaths, not the mention the raping of children by illegals are blood on the hands of all the “Fair Share” Liberals, and f#@k them for supporting it – which is exactly what they’re doing when they support Sanctuary Cities and make videos like the one these liberal parents have put their kids in above.

Trump has never said all Mexicans are rapists – he said the illegals coming over the border are, which has been proven to be true.

Now another fact: if your parents are illegal and they had you while in the States, then technically yes, you are an “Anchor Baby”.  Fantastic that your parents wanted a better life for you, but they broke the law in order to give you that opportunity, which makes them criminals no matter how much you love them.  It’s no different than someone who robs a bank to pay rent, is it?  Great that the kid now has a roof over their head but guess what, it’s still breaking the law and your parents and even your beloved abuela if she came here illegally, is a criminal, too.  And like all little kids whose mommies and daddies have done something illegal, you can go visit yours in jail, too. (Which, btw, they’ll be treated much better in an American jail than they would be in a jail in their home country.)

And as for your parents, I’m guessing they’re all “Fair Share” Liberal free-loading losers since they’ve put you into such a video and probably think it’s cute.

Enjoy the video, liberal idiots – we’re still going to win in the end.

If Liberal-Run California is So Great, Then Why Is Everyone Leaving?

So great, so wonderful, so progressive a State…

Remember Bill Maher saying this?

Yes, I like California, too, but guess what?  It’s best and brightest are leaving the State in droves:

Nearly 600,000 Californians wound up in Texas, while about 348,000 Texans moved to California. The other top net recipients of Californians were Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, the analysis found…

…Analysts blame a host of factors for the migration, starting with California’s high tax rate and cost of living.

Here’s my favorite part, though:

Even so, California has seen its population increase slightly from 37 million in 2010 to nearly 39 million, thanks largely to an influx of foreign-born immigrants. (emphasis mine, and oh – that means ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by the way).

Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/aug/31/texas-emerges-top-destination-californians-fleeing/

This is what happens when “Fair Share” Liberals are left to run a company, city, State, or country – they end up driving it straight into the ground.


“Fair Share Liberals” Are Deliberately Greying the “Illegals are Rapists & Criminals” Issue, Even on FOX News

I’ve watched the uproar over Trump’s Presidential Run speech for over a week now.  I’ve known that his comments were populist and sensationalist, but I’ve also watched how they’ve been taken out of context and used by Fair Share Liberal idiots to further their pro-illegal immigration cause.

Even on Fox News, the ever-Liberal Jerry Rivers (ahem “Geraldo Rivera”) is arguing that immigrants “actually commit less crime than natural-born Americans do.”

My question to Geraldo and all the FSL idiots out there – who’s questioning the work ethic or criminal intentions of those who are in this country LEGALLY?  No one.

The issue is about ILLEGAL immigrants, and what they’re bringing to the country. On that topic, Geraldo will go on and on about how they’re such hard workers lining up at Home Depot, but the fact is that THEY SHOULDN’T BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  That’s first.

Second is, Geraldo, what ELSE are they?  They’re undocumented, so how do you know what their criminal past is?  Fact is, you don’t.

Third is, the government was trying to hide/skew race and legal status statistics.  What we’re finding is that an overwhelming majority are illegals.

Fourth is, let’s look at the recidivism rate of illegals convicted of crimes here and released. Out of 8,000 that were monitored, apparently 2,000 recommitted.

Last is, let’s get back to exactly what Trump was referring to: that according to numerous sources, at least 80% of women crossing the border are being raped and abused – and girls as well.  Illegals living in “sanctuary cities” having been arrested and deported as many as five times are shooting innocent Americans in random shootings, or beating their wives with hammers. There are multiple arrest warrants that are never honored. Again – THESE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE EVER BEEN HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, and yet all Fair Share Liberal idiots everywhere disagree.  Worse, they (and only they) would somehow give these rapes a free pass and instead put all their whining, effort, and focus into whether or not some hotel mogul is able to sell his ties in a Macy’s.  This is not only how ridiculous Fair Share Liberals are, but also how damaging they are through their selective ignorance and apathy.

Once again, their cognitive dissonance combined with White Guilt leaves FSL’s in a state of utterly stupid, and innocent Americans (and their families) are paying the price.

Local Chef Speaks The Truth About Minimum Wage And Liberal Idiocy

Reading this in my hometown Edmonton Sun this morning.

For those unfamiliar, the very right-wing province of Alberta recently elected the very left-wing NDP party into office, ending a dynasty of PC Party rule most never thought would ever end.  One of the mandates they got elected on was raising the minimum wage to $15/hr.

Recently, a local Chef wrote an open letter to the new Premier, explaining what the wage hike would do to the 67-seat restaurant that he planned to open.  it’s important, I think, for everyone to read.

Before I start sounding too right-wing on this issue, let me say this: I have little sympathy for either the consumer or big business regarding this issue.  I don’t shed a tear when McDonald’s or McDonald’s franchise owners, for instance, cry about a higher minimum wage and having to add $1 to the price of every hamburger (or whatever increase they threaten).  Restaurants are a luxury, and personally I won’t care if I eat at a higher-end place and the bill happens to be 20-30% more to cover the costs.

That said, however, a $15/hr mandatory minimum wage for shit work does mean something to me.  Liberals seem to think that people should be entitled to a “living wage” no matter what.  I think that’s bullshit.  I don’t think a dishwasher should try or even be allowed to try to support a family by washing dishes in a McDonald’s. I don’t think they should have the luxury of staying put in such a dead-end loser job (which I did, btw) for 20 years instead of doing something – anything – to try and improve their economic and social situation.

And before I get the “you’re anti-poor”, or racist, or whatever from Libtards I’ll say this as well – I’ve worked in those communities and the numbers of people think are incapable or should get these living wage jobs are far less than what members of the minority communities will say the numbers are, and white liberals pushing their white guilt should pay attention to that.  When I’ve spoken to members of those communities there hasn’t been one single hard luck minority worker who has pulled themselves out of that situation who has said the answer to the problem is that they should have been able to keep some shit job for minimum wage.

I get the socialist side of it and I get the capitalist side of it.  I totally agree with neither and believe that the solution is somewhere in-between, but I don’t think $15/hr for minimum wage is it.

We’ll see.