Once Again, Steve Steckler Sums It Up Well On Sandra Fluke. Megyn Kelly Weighs in Also

From his comments over at Politico.com/arena:

A rush to judgement on Rush’s rant
When a Georgetown University millennial whined to Congress in typical millennial fashion about not getting subsidized birth control pills from her very Catholic university (did she not read the name on the application?), a lot of listeners would have merely rolled their eyes had Rush Limbaugh not waded in with his usual grace and delicacy. Oink, oink, thud. The fact that a grandstanding Obama then called the young woman (see photo, press release, etc.) afterwards did nothing to elevate the farce.

I confess to being a bit of a “cafeteria” Catholic in perhaps the same way Obama is a cafeteria constitutionalist, but the church’s policy on pre-conception birth control has a pretty thin grip on the moral high ground. Unlike its stance on abortion, an issue on which well-meaning people can disagree, the church’s policy on contraception is archaic and delusional, if not downright barbaric in the same manner as muslim veiling. But the rights of religious faiths, their members and their educational and health care institutions to live by their creed stands miles above free pills in the American hierarchy of rights. Government should have no more power to compel the church to subsidize the pills (which Planned Parenthood says cost as little as $15 a month, a tad less than the $250 a month claimed by the student) than to ban women from taking them.

As always, Steve says it well.

Megyn Kelly raises valid points on the Fluke “fluke” as well:

Megyn Kelly Reacts to Sandra Fluke

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