Pussycat Utah School Board Drops Cougar Mascot as Being Insulting to Women

The PC crowd is nothing but a bunch of thin-skinned little wussies. People really have to lighten up sometimes. As the article indicates, a Utah School Board decided against a cougar mascot for their school because of the link between the name and the slang used for older women who like younger men. Personally, I think it’s the actual animal getting a bad rap on this one. What did they do so wrong as to not get a team named after them?

This is as stupid as protesting “Black Monday” because it somehow has African American connotations, or someone trying to get the name of “jerk chicken” changed because they were called both a jerk and a chicken once, and it hurt their feelings.

If someone other than the team itself was trying to name an elderly female sports team “The Cougars”, I could see the argument because I could see the intent, but in this case, it’s just another instance of PC going way too far and a group of overzealous idiots acting like babies.

Thanks to this ruling, drunk, over-tanned, iguana-necked women in bars everywhere trying to get their young stud for the evening can breathe a sigh of comfort knowing that someone out there is fighting for them.

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