Mic Drop…

Well, today’s the day.  For a number of reasons I had picked August 8, 2016 as my last blogging day and that day has come.  Some kudos to the friends I’ve made on this blogging journey (see the “About Me” page at https://vesuviusarcane.wordpress.com), and some “kiss my ass”‘s to the enemies I’ve made, too.  Luv ya both.

And where to now?  A new page, a new leaf, and a new chapter.  Although I will be spending little to no time on blogs going forward, I’ve changed my blogging name to Vesuvius.

Why?  It sounds cool, for one, but for another changing it to the name of a volcano was appropriate. I’ve rebuilt a considerable “mountain” (financial empire) out of rock, heat, and pressure over time.  I also occasionally (frequently?) erupt and spew fire and lava upon the peasants down below, burn them to a crisp, and then trample on their ashes. 🙂  Over 7 years it’s been great to do so, and laugh at and mock those who deserve their misfortune.

But from these ashes comes my own little version of Hawaii, too. The financial freedom I’ve built has been great, and perhaps best of all built largely upon the ashes of fake liberal morality, and almost entirely on the backs of those “feeders” and “followers” in our system who think they can get through life by neither thinking, or being bold – still waiting for someone else to help them get ahead instead of doing it themselves.  They trade their lives and dreams away for what they think is safety and what is nothing but a suffocating, pathetic state of mediocrity.  Crying over some cause that they pretend to care about, secretly wishing someone would care as much about them and their own abandoned potential and unworthy life as they pretend to about people they don’t know and have never met.  Who could live so pathetically?  “Fair Share” Liberals, that’s who.

The best part?  While they sat and bitched about their sorry lot in life, I was getting paid.  Stocks that went from pennies to 50x their value, government projects pushed by liberals who had no sense of math who went and far overpaid people like me, ownership stakes in minority businesses that took on the established institutions and beat them at their own game.  7 years to do that, and in the same time all loser liberal bloggers could do was whine about where and when their “fair share” was coming instead of having some guts in order to make things happen themselves. I find it so ironic that while all these loser liberals were whining and blogging about all they were (ahem) “doing” to make things change, none of their lives were actually changing.  My own life and the life of those around me, however, changed dramatically.

The climb back from 2009 has been great.  Not only financially, but by way of the scenery, too, passing all those thumb-sucking, entitled, whiny liberal cupcakes along the way who for a while might have even had more than me, but now have a mere fraction of not only my bank account but overall happiness as well.  It’s great to be standing back on the edge of the volcano, warmth at my back, now taking a big leak on – and laughing at – all the loser “Fair Share” Liberals down below.  Hey retards, guess what?  That’s not rain – that’s me peeing on your heads!!!

And here’s something else you might want to realize: the only reason why I have what I have, and you have nothing, is your loser+perpetual victimhood mindset that has caused you to hand over everything to people like me.  That’s it.  Not capitalism, not big corporations, not “systemic racism”, not Republicans, not Trump, not “The Patriarchy”.  The only thing that has put me up and has kept you down is your thinking, and how do I know this?  Results.  I have them, you don’t, and the way you think (“hand me something”) vs the way I think (“go out and earn it yourself”) was the only difference between the two of us this entire time.  Chances are you even started off with more than I did.  Are you getting the math yet?

I’m now nearing retirement, spending time in 4 countries with my partner as we decide on what ocean we want to see when we look out our windows every morning.  For all those who are friends, expect to see invites down the road where we can enjoy the view together…

…and for all the “Fair Share” liberal chumps who are still whining and crying in your little circle-jerks and safe rooms about how life isn’t how you think it should be from your facade of a moral perch?  Keep taking those d*cks from each end, and keep getting used to it.  All you’re ever going to be is a loser, and all you’re ever going to have in life is nothing.  That is, until you decide to live a life that is authentic, actually has purpose, and involves real courage but we both know that will probably never happen, will it?  Want to write about something?  Write about how your lives (or your blog posts, for that matter) have all been desperately missing all three, and what that’s left you with: Vesuvius 1, Loser “Fair Share” Liberal Bloggers 0, mediocrity and misery for you and nothing but champagne, caviar, and bliss for me.

I win, you lose, and time’s up, so I’ll see ya around, bitches!