Hey, Looters! You’re All Worthless Pieces of $h!t

Teen shot by police in Missouri – sad and tragic.

Looters ransacking a shoe store selling Air Jordan sneakers, robbing an ATM, and trying to rob liquor stores using the shooting as an excuse?  Despicable.  You don’t deserve anger, you don’t deserve grief, and to me you don’t even deserve oxygen so do us all a favor and end your disgusting, miserable, lives.

And please, “fair share” liberals, begin to tell me how much these looters are victims and how their actions are somehow someone else’s fault and responsibility – I need a good laugh.  Are you going to tell me this looting is about the impoverished needing food?  Seeing quite a few cell phone and shoe stores in the list…

So far: a QuickTrip, Walmart, Kmart, County Shoe Carnival, Foot Locker, PNC Bank, Hibbetts Sports, Beauty Supply and Wig Store, Family Dollar, Boost Mobile, DTLR, Taco Bell, Remy Beauty Supply, Cricket Wireless, Phillips 66, Energy Express, Pawn Shop, Target, JC Wireless, Firestone, Dollar General, Up N Up Fashion, Several Burglaries, T-Mobile, Second QuikTrip and a Shoe Carnival in South St. Louis City have been hit by looters.





Small Banks Being Eaten Up By Dodd-Frank – Nice Going, Occupy (Idiots)

Reading an article over at the National Review how small banks are taking a hit, particularly since the introduction of Dodd-Frank.

Speaking from experience being up in Canada, small banks and local lending decisions are crucial to helping small businesses do their part to boost the economy.  Big bank conglomeration reduces or eliminates the lending options which small banks typically make available to local businesses.

From the article:

Since the second quarter of 2010—immediately before the July passage of Dodd-Frank—to the third quarter of 2013, the United States lost 650, or 9.5 percent, of its small banks. Small banks’ share of US banking assets and domestic deposits has decreased 18.6 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively, and the five largest US banks appear to have absorbed much of this market share. Mounting regulatory costs threaten to accelerate the shift towards big banks and away from small banks that have long been important members of the financial industry and the local communities they serve.”

So how/why do I attribute this to Occupy?  Because again, it shows how 1) hypocritical and 2) clueless they are.  This is the kind of garbage that through their ignorant voting they helped cause and through their (mindless, violent) actions, did nothing to prevent.

They should have been protesting legislature, not small businesses.

“A Job Painting Murals” And Other Occuloser Fantasies

Reading the article in Rolling Stone that Megyn Kelly was talking about.  I thought she might be cherry-picking.  Nope.

From the article:

But let’s think even bigger. Because as much as unemployment blows, so do jobs. What if people didn’t have to work to survive? Enter the jaw-droppingly simple idea of a universal basic income, in which the government would just add a sum sufficient for subsistence to everyone’s bank account every month. A proposal along these lines has been gaining traction in Switzerland, and it’s starting to get a lot of attention here, too.

If Jessie A. Myerson is the sort of pot-headed idiot we’re leaving the country to in the next generation, then I would weep for the future except for one thing – that I know these idiots, even if they got all they wanted, would eventually hand all their land, wealth, and toys back to us “evil capalists” one way or another.

And why?  Because we’re smarter, we’re faster, and we think ahead.  Capitalists are the chessmasters, driven by things like math, strategy, tactics, and innovation, while these Occulosers are the pawns – driven by nothing but a hunger for Doritos and a sense of being “wronged.”  That’s not enough to compete or live in today’s world, and their utopian fantasies of mural painting, “free” jobs for everybody, and all that bunk will all remain in a world we’ll get nowhere close to, especially with idiots like Myserson at the helm.

Driver Authorization Cards – Anyone See A Problem In The Following Sentence? ***UPDATED***

Illegal Immigrants are now allowed to obtain drivers licenses in Las Vegas.  An article on CBS Las Vegas’s website stated the following:

“LAS VEGAS (AP) — Thousands of Nevada immigrants showed up at Department of Motor Vehicle offices Thursday to obtain driver authorization cards under a new law that made the state the 11th nationally to offer driving privileges to people in the country illegally.

In Las Vegas, long lines began forming before the doors opened at 8 a.m. By noon, wait times at the city’s two busiest offices were two hours or longer.

But the mood was more jovial than other agonizingly long DMV waits given the excitement on the part of immigrants who are now able legally drive to work.”

Did you catch the problem?  If you didn’t, allow me to highlight:

“But the mood was more jovial than other agonizingly long DMV waits given the excitement on the part of immigrants who are now able [to] legally drive to work.”

Illegal Immigrants are not allowed to work in this country, but they’re excited that they can now drive to their illegal jobs?

“Fausto Garcia, 51, was among those at the DMV office in North Las Vegas. Garcia, who is from Mexico, said he wanted to get a card as soon as possible. He’s been living in Las Vegas for eight years, and driving illegally to his job as a dishwasher.”

Yes, I know – he’s a dishwasher – but he’s still WORKING ILLEGALLY.  Is he getting paid in cash?  Illegal.  Using a fake/borrowed SIN card?  Illegal.  An unlicensed driver?  He’s been putting legal Americans on the road at risk – without insurance – for 8 YEARS – and these are the people we want to reward?  Unbelievable.

I get the argument here from a safety standpoint as I share the same roads as these illegals, except I question the “test” these people have to take – an actual driving test with a car?  Hope so, but I doubt it.  Regardless, however, beyond the safety issue I’d hope the INS was getting ready to deport everyone signing up for a card that day.  


According to the article, “The law specifically prohibits the DMV from using or sharing information for immigration-enforcement purposes.

Like I said, unbelievable.

As a final thought: Look at the illegals’ turnout for (illegal) driver’s licenses. What do you think their turnout would be if the DMV was handing out Voter ID cards?

Just sayin’.

SHOCKER ALERT – 75% of these Illegals are failing the written exam. Gee, ya think? AND THESE ARE PEOPLE ALREADY ON OUR ROADS, FOLKS!!!!!!

And btw, apparently the PC Police are now referring to them as “immigrants without citizenship status”. Haha! For one, that statement is contradictory and for another, first we’re afraid of the word “terrorist”, now we’re even afraid of the word “illegal”?

New Rules (with apologies to Bill Maher):
A Car Thief is now a “Car driver – Car Owner Unwitting”
A Squatter is now an “Home Owner Without Actual Title”
and babies are “Really Old People Without All The Years”

Again, I get the short-sightedness of trying to make our roads safer, but why not even this: only allow illegals who have been enrolled in school in America for 5 years or more to be able to take the test?

Driving is a priviledge, not a right, and what have these illegals done to earn this privilege? Break the law. It’s that simple. It’s like saying, “Hey, don’t break into someone’s house and squat there, but if you actually happen to, we’ll give you a home of your own.” Ridiculous.

Culinary Union Thuggery In Nevada

Put the actual negotiation/contract issue aside here and consider that this is what unionistas and their apologists consider to be perfectly acceptable and “civilized” behavior on a daily basis.  Ridiculous.

Their beef is that they’ve been going to work without a new labor contract signed for almost two years.  That, I guess, is enough justification in their minds in order to harass and verbally abuse innocent bystanders.

Those opposing them, on the other hand, are simply handing out cards saying thank you for continuing to support the Cosmopolitan hotel and the Las Vegas economy.  Love it!  Outclassed and outwitted.

I’ve seen these protests up on the bridge to the Cosmo but I have yet to walk through them.  After seeing this video, I think I’m not only going to, but I’m going to stay for three nights at the hotel as well, and be sure every morning to come down in front of those idiots with food in one hand, and a stack of bills in the other and talk about how awesome my experience has been at the hotel.

And as for their contract?  I don’t have one at my job, but guess what, I’m doing just fine without it.

Two final thoughts on this:
1) These people in the protest line must not be any good at their job. If they were, their employees would want them working instead of standing outside with a protest sign.

2) There’s a smarter and more effective way to get the results they’re after with their employer, but they’ll never pull their head enough out of their own butt in order to see it.

81% of $160m+ of Taxpayer Money Attawapiskat Wasted on Chief and Her Friends Instead of Housing and Tribal Well-Being

From CBC: (Left)
Inside Attawapiskat’s Finances


From Sun News: (Right)

“A Fake Hunger Strike”

In past years, this article would have typically gone under my category of “The result of Liberal Fantasies” for me here, or would be evidence to back up my previous claims or charges that “Liberals hate math.”

This is a new year, however, and with it comes a personal desire to be less divisive with my friends on the “other side” of the political spectrum.

With that in mind, I’ll say that this article simply serves as evidence that we, as citizens, really need to “wake up” to the matter of personal and individual responsibility that we SHOULD have in our lives whether it comes to personal finances or to politics in general.

On the far right people are surely screaming, “This is their fault, not ours! Cut off funding to the Reservations until they’re accountable!”  On the far left, they are surely screaming, “This is OUR fault, not theirs!  We need to be giving them MORE money, not less, and WE need to be more accountable!”

What both sides should agree on, for one, is that these aboriginal people need decent shelter, water, and basic services NOW – we shouldn’t get wrapped up in the politics of all the “who’s done wrong” while they’re sitting in the middle of a cold winter waiting for them.

Second, they should agree that corruption is corruption, theft is theft, and fraud is fraud no matter what the skin color or race of the person or people committing the crime happens to be.

Third, both sides should agree that this behavior was despicable.  The government waste is despicable and the fact that greedy tribal leaders and their friends have lined their pockets while the people and children they’ve been charged with taking care of have suffered is even worse.

Want to solve this problem? Then the far right should get honest about the fact that these children would have STILL likely suffered under a completely private system, and the far left should get honest about the fact that their way of doing things pretty much doesn’t work in the real world either.

Let’s see if the far right can admit that, and at the very least, the far left can come out and actually admit that Chief Spence is a fraud and a crook. Until then, I feel we’re just biding time until the next scandal becomes unearthed… five or ten years later.

Teachers’ Unions A Necessary Evil Against Inept Admin Leadership

A great post over at my NC friend Pino’s site about the damaging effects union thuggery has on the school system (http://tarheelred.com/2012/06/26/one-at-a-time-taking-schools-back-from-teachers-unions/). He cites initiatives in a number of states to give parents more power than unions over schools, and how unions then fight them and drag things on in court with their massive legal power.

As I read his post, I can hear my unionista friends wanting to quickly rush to unions’ defense with the usual ideological lines such as “unions are for the working people” and that sort of crap. Typically, I’d respond with the usual generalist argument from the right that all unions truly want is power, but since this is the kind of ideological axle-wrapping that is bringing this country down, however, I’m going to refrain and make a couple points that may surprise some of my detractors.

1) Right now, I believe that teachers’ unions – in general – are needed in schools. Why? Because the administrations I’ve been given insight into through the teachers I know are too inefficient, incompetent, and arrogant for their own good.

I don’t doubt for a second that without the unions, right now many school systems would be letting go of the expensive senior teachers for more junior teachers without any care or concern for the quality of the product – the education of our children. The capitalist argument doesn’t apply here because 1) the quality of the product isn’t there to begin with, and 2) neither is the quality of leadership there right now in order to sustain desired results.

2) In a number of ways I do support the tenure system. It’s not so anti-capitalist as some would like to believe. Consider the Japanese model and how employees were employees for life, and what this can do in terms of adding to the quality of the product when a person can pour their heart into their job without fear of that job being snatched from them tomorrow. I think that’s the kind of “love” we want our teachers to have for our kids, no?

Now from the other side – American public schools, for the most part, have morphed into a system where certainty of a job has been given almost total priority over certainty of education quality. One may argue all they want for unions, but the fact is that unions – being built for the sole purpose of job certainty – have become more of the problem than the solution.

My solution will sound simplistic here for brevity, but it really runs the same as how I’d fix ANY failing organization in three steps:
1) I’d make the product the “baby” rather than the people building it,
2) I’d make EVERYONE accountable for that product instead of the people with the most immediate hands-on, and
3) I’d make sure it had enough time to properly grow and improve.

Face it – teachers unions as they are now negatively impact each of those three things. The move like the one in Wisconsin to take power away from thug-like unions, or these moves to create “trigger laws” are therefore a good one because it addresses two of the three steps above – one, it allows for more individual accountability in a higher-quality product, and two, it has added a sense of urgency towards that higher-quality product being achieved. It does less to impact accountability, but that’s where the people and the politicians need to step in and pull back some of the “job certainty” powers the administrators in these school districts have equal to the pullbacks we’re doing with the unions. Have that happen, and I think we’d be getting somewhere.

Occupy – They’re Losers Because Their Attitude Sucks

A great post by Pino over at http://www.tarheelred.com. He shows an Occupy page where its leaders are asking for help to clean up. Guess what the Occupussies do? They pull backaches and every excuse not to show up and help. Not surprised – they obviously feel that work is “below them”.

As another example, Sean Hannity had an Occupy leader on his show a few days ago. He challenged the guy to wake up early, throw down some coffee, and spend as much time as he does protesting on going out and finding a job. The guy’s response? “Give me a job and I’ll work.” Yes, he said GIVE ME A JOB. “I’ve been trying to get a job,” he says, “I’ve been online sending out resumes for days.” Haha! Sweat pouring off your brow, no doubt.

(Hannity also said he had the kid on his radio show where he was actually offered a job but wouldn’t take it, however I can’t locate the clip…)

That’s the attitude of the Occupy whiner mob in general. Because they breathe, because they feel frustrated – because life isn’t easy and is perhaps getting harder they feel more compelled (and justified) to take than to give.

Success starts with the right attitude. Yes, it’s cliche, but it’s true and has been proven true time and time again. Bottom line is Occupidiots’ attitudes are not those attitude of successful people, and I don’t mean successful peoples’ attitudes after they’ve won or achieved something – I mean their attitude when they set out to.

Occupiers are ignorant to words “choice”, “initiative”, and “resourcefulness”. They hate all three words because they’re tied to two other words – “work”, and “responsibility” – and because of that, their movement was doomed from the start.

Good riddance indeed.