Ferguson – Most Businesses Destroyed Were Owned By Minorities? Nice going, Thugs.

Reading this Breitbart article right now:

Most Businesses Destroyed In Ferguson Minority-Owned

Here’s an idea – let’s complain about injustice and a lack of jobs/employment (and even businesses) in our own community, and then let’s burn down all the local businesses within our own community – especially those owned by minorities.  Idiotic, but that’s what these thugs seem to like to do…

… not unlike these thugs

… or these thugs

…or these thugs (Unionistas):

…or this thug.


Now enter in the typical “fair share liberal” defense of these clowns, that “they’re young”, “they’re frustrated”, “they’re hungry” (see any bread in that guy’s hands?), “the violence was from people not from here”, “the police should have done more”, or just their love in general of civil disobedience (while they themselves tend to do nothing but sit on their ass), and I say this:

Forget the police (busy with the rioters) and who cares where the inciters came from.  Where were the members of this community protecting their neighbor as well as their neighbor’s businesses and property?  Nowhere to be found.

Michael Brown’s death was a tragedy – plain and simple – and I do believe in spite of no charges being laid in his death there were still a number of injustices against the man and the community that for the time being are being unaddressed – by why $hit where you eat?

Only an absolute idiot would do that, and to me deliberately ignorant and stupid people do not deserve to be helped.  It takes a village to raise a child?  Then let the village be accountable for the actions of its children while they stand by and watch them destroy their own community.

The Brown’s were calling for resolve, but they were also calling for peace.  This is how the bulk of their community answered their call:


Jason Riley pleads in his excellent book, “Please Stop Helping Us“, but perhaps these communities need to start helping themselves.

Instead of “Rock the Vote”, How About “Protect The Vote”?

James O’Keefe has struck again, and once again over the issue of Voter Fraud, where apparently poll workers offered ballots to an impostor 20 TIMES as he tried to vote.

Now before both people on the left and the right go nuts over this, let me first state quickly and clearly that according to the article, “No fraudulent votes were actually cast:”  (This means O’Keefe didn’t go as far as to do anything illegal, not that the ‘system works’ as “fair share” liberals will try and claim.)

Either way, as I’ve said before, THIS ISN’T THE PRIMARY ISSUE!!!  Why should we simply leave the option open for an impostor to even ATTEMPT this in the first place?

“Hey, nothing was stolen each time we let these strangers come through our doors, so let’s just keep them open!”  Let’s get people just one step closer to being able to commit fraud?

Voting to me is at the core of Democracy and is a process that shouldn’t be effed with (and yes, this includes gerrymandering which Republicans have often been accused of).  I believe Democrats are being totally disingenuous when saying that Voter ID is a) a non-issue, and/or b) a race issue.  It’s neither.

Hey, Looters! You’re All Worthless Pieces of $h!t

Teen shot by police in Missouri – sad and tragic.

Looters ransacking a shoe store selling Air Jordan sneakers, robbing an ATM, and trying to rob liquor stores using the shooting as an excuse?  Despicable.  You don’t deserve anger, you don’t deserve grief, and to me you don’t even deserve oxygen so do us all a favor and end your disgusting, miserable, lives.

And please, “fair share” liberals, begin to tell me how much these looters are victims and how their actions are somehow someone else’s fault and responsibility – I need a good laugh.  Are you going to tell me this looting is about the impoverished needing food?  Seeing quite a few cell phone and shoe stores in the list…

So far: a QuickTrip, Walmart, Kmart, County Shoe Carnival, Foot Locker, PNC Bank, Hibbetts Sports, Beauty Supply and Wig Store, Family Dollar, Boost Mobile, DTLR, Taco Bell, Remy Beauty Supply, Cricket Wireless, Phillips 66, Energy Express, Pawn Shop, Target, JC Wireless, Firestone, Dollar General, Up N Up Fashion, Several Burglaries, T-Mobile, Second QuikTrip and a Shoe Carnival in South St. Louis City have been hit by looters.





Small Banks Being Eaten Up By Dodd-Frank – Nice Going, Occupy (Idiots)

Reading an article over at the National Review how small banks are taking a hit, particularly since the introduction of Dodd-Frank.

Speaking from experience being up in Canada, small banks and local lending decisions are crucial to helping small businesses do their part to boost the economy.  Big bank conglomeration reduces or eliminates the lending options which small banks typically make available to local businesses.

From the article:

Since the second quarter of 2010—immediately before the July passage of Dodd-Frank—to the third quarter of 2013, the United States lost 650, or 9.5 percent, of its small banks. Small banks’ share of US banking assets and domestic deposits has decreased 18.6 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively, and the five largest US banks appear to have absorbed much of this market share. Mounting regulatory costs threaten to accelerate the shift towards big banks and away from small banks that have long been important members of the financial industry and the local communities they serve.”

So how/why do I attribute this to Occupy?  Because again, it shows how 1) hypocritical and 2) clueless they are.  This is the kind of garbage that through their ignorant voting they helped cause and through their (mindless, violent) actions, did nothing to prevent.

They should have been protesting legislature, not small businesses.

“A Job Painting Murals” And Other Occuloser Fantasies

Reading the article in Rolling Stone that Megyn Kelly was talking about.  I thought she might be cherry-picking.  Nope.

From the article:

But let’s think even bigger. Because as much as unemployment blows, so do jobs. What if people didn’t have to work to survive? Enter the jaw-droppingly simple idea of a universal basic income, in which the government would just add a sum sufficient for subsistence to everyone’s bank account every month. A proposal along these lines has been gaining traction in Switzerland, and it’s starting to get a lot of attention here, too.

If Jessie A. Myerson is the sort of pot-headed idiot we’re leaving the country to in the next generation, then I would weep for the future except for one thing – that I know these idiots, even if they got all they wanted, would eventually hand all their land, wealth, and toys back to us “evil capalists” one way or another.

And why?  Because we’re smarter, we’re faster, and we think ahead.  Capitalists are the chessmasters, driven by things like math, strategy, tactics, and innovation, while these Occulosers are the pawns – driven by nothing but a hunger for Doritos and a sense of being “wronged.”  That’s not enough to compete or live in today’s world, and their utopian fantasies of mural painting, “free” jobs for everybody, and all that bunk will all remain in a world we’ll get nowhere close to, especially with idiots like Myserson at the helm.